WEDGE Capital Management is founded with venture capital funding from WEDGE International Group.
WEDGE becomes 100% independently owned when the venture capital position is retired.
WEDGE adds a Small Cap Value portfolio.
WEDGE expands its product offerings to include Core Aggregate Fixed Income.
WEDGE begins offering its first Quantitative Equity product, a QVM - Large Cap Value portfolio.
WEDGE expands its Traditional Equity platform with the launch of a Mid Cap Value portfolio.
WEDGE launches a Small/ Mid Cap Value Portfolio
WEDGE expanded its Fixed Income platform to include Short Aggregate & Intermediate Aggregate portfolios.
WEDGE further diversifies its product offerings with the introduction of a Micro Cap Value portfolio.
WEDGE expands its Quantitative Equity platform with a new QVM-Small/Mid cap portfolio. This same year, WEDGE launches a Liability-Driven Fixed Income Portfolio.
WEDGE's equity lineup is once again expanded with the launch of a Mid Cap CIT vehicle.
WEDGE continues to expand its equity strategy lineup with the launch of a Small Cap CIT vehicle and a new quantitative product, Large Cap Enhanced Core-Russell 1000.
WEDGE launches the SMID CIT vehicle as its latest equity strategy.
Launches QVM – Large Cap Value CIT
Manages 8.2 billion in assets across all WEDGE Value strategies and launches QVM® Small Mid Cap Value CIT.
  • 1984
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2020

Over 40 Years of Value Investing

Firm History Inline

WEDGE Capital Management was founded in June 1984 by three investment professionals who previously managed the common trust funds of a local, nationally-oriented bank. WEDGE International Group, of Houston, provided initial venture capital funding. That venture capital position was retired in 1989 and WEDGE has been an independent investment advisory firm ever since. Today, we are legally structured as a Delaware Limited Liability Partnership owned and operated by 12 General Partners.

Initially, WEDGE Capital Management offered clients Traditional Equity - Large Cap Value and Fixed Income investment strategies. Since then, we have steadily expanded our product offerings to include Small Cap Value, Mid Cap Value, Micro Cap Value, and our Quantitative Equity platform. We continue to carefully analyze market conditions and client needs in order to offer an appropriately wide range of products under the value equity and fixed income investment umbrellas.

Throughout our history, WEDGE Capital has remained dedicated to delivering industry-leading results paired with exceptional client service. We are steadfast in our commitment to acting as stewards of our clients' assets.

Firm History Kim Brad Dustin

WEDGE was founded with the desire to provide a high standard of value investing and client service to those who entrust a portion of their assets to our firm. Over the years we have worked to improve our fundamental and quantitative processes. We are thankful to be able to serve our clients’ investment needs.

Mike James | Founding Partner - Retired